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Days generally remain sunny through most of the year, even when the temperatures drop. Temperatures are a couple of degrees higher down at The Glenburn Camp (800 feet). Views of the mountains are clearest from October to March. Elevations range from 3,230 feet at the Bungalows down to 800 feet down at The Camp near the rivers.

Guests are advised to carry sun block, sunglasses and insect repellant (for the camp site/river areas). Due to its mountain location, mosquitoes are not a problem here. However, there can be mosquitoes and midges down by the river. Regular spraying takes place to combat any possible 'pest' problem that arises and mosquito coils are plentiful.

Guests will require warm woolens during the winter months and a light sweater/wrap in the summer/monsoon months when temperatures could drop after rain.

Electric blankets are provided on all beds to keep you extra warm when required

Temperature and rainfall through the year at The Burra Bungalow (3,230 feet).
Month Temp (min) °C Temp (max) °C Rainfall (cm)
January 6 18 0.50
February 10 18 1.07
March 15 24 1.12
April 16 26 11.09
May 20 30 13.37
June 21 30 46.71
July 22 29 47.69
August 22 29 36.00
September 21 29 42.73
October 18 26 16.64
November 12 23 0.23
December 8 21 0.05
Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.