The Glenburn Lodge and Campsite
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Ideal for day or overnight visits, The Glenburn Lodge and Campsite offers a truly rustic yet comfortable experience in the middle of the wilderness at Glenburn.

The Lodge offers accommodation for two families, with its two spacious rooms each with an attached bathroom. Both rooms offer spectacular views of the forest, river and Sikkim on the opposite bank. A large verandah is a lovely place to sit and relax on at any time of the day.

Towels are provided if you wish to have a dip in the river, and it is advisable to carry appropriate shoes for walking in the river as it can be rocky. There is running cold water in the bathrooms of the Lodge, and buckets of hot water can be provided on request.

Kerosene lanterns are used to light up the Lodge at night and dinner is served according to each guest's preference - either as a candle-lit meal down by the river, or on the Lodge verandah, which is enclosed with wire netting to keep the bugs out.

Barbeques can also be organized, and a bonfire is always a popular option.

After dinner, retire to your bed in the Lodge, complete with a hot-water bottle, and drift off to sleep, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the nearby river.

Awake the next morning with a cup of tea or coffee served to you in bed, to watch the sunrise, and then wander along the river to catch a glimpse of some of the birds that inhabit the area. Cormorants, wild geese and hornbills are just a few of the birds you are likely to see. Return to the campsite for a hot breakfast and perhaps another refreshing dip in the river, before setting off on the day's activities.


1. Please use insect repellent whilst down at the camp since there are tiny midges down by the river at certain times of year and some people can be sensitive to them. Please ask the staff for repellent if you are not carrying any.

2. Please be careful when you are down by the river, as the current is fairly strong and the rocks can be slippery. There is a specific area of the river within which paddling and a bit of a swim is safe, but please do not stray out of this area. The staff will direct you to this part of the river, which lies at the end of the path leading down to the river, to the extreme left of the campsite. Further along the river, there are also areas of quick sand, which should be avoided.

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.