Suspension Bridge to Manjitar, Sikkim
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Duration : 4-5 hours from the Bungalows or 2 hours from the Glenburn Lodge and Campsite
Difficulty : Gentle
                  Walking is along a flat, well-defined path.
                  Total walking time approx. 2 hours.

A four-wheel drive jeep will take you down through the Simbong Forest to the River Rung Dung. Cross the river over a small suspension bridge, that takes you into the Badamtam Forest. Walk along the forest path, following the River Rungeet. On the way, our naturalist will help you identify the birds, butterflies, occasional animals, and the rich plant life to be found in the forest. You will also walk through a forest village, and have the option to walk down to the sandy banks of the river.

After about an hour's walk, you will reach the Manjitar Suspension Footbridge, leading the way across the River Rungeet into the old royal kingdom of Sikkim. This spectacular structure was built by the British in 1902, after the original cane bridge was washed away by the floods of 1899. About 200 feet across, and at least 100 feet above the river, crossing this footbridge is an adventure in itself! A black and white photograph of the original cane bridge, which was taken some time during the last century by Robert Phillips, can be seen on the Glenburn front verandah.

International Visitors need permits to enter Sikkim from designated entry points, and this little village is not important enough to have that status, but you can place a foot or two into Sikkim quietly before you come back across the bridge into West Bengal! Indian guests are allowed to enter Sikkim and water around the village or visit the local Shiv Temple.

Lunch will be served picnic-style, somewhere along the way. The return journey follows the same route back, although one can also take the alternative "river beach" route, which is slightly tougher, and depends on the season and whether the river water level permits it.

Refreshments are served back at the Glenburn-Badamtam Bridge, where guests have a choice of walking to the Glenburn Campsite for the evening/night or driving back up to The Burra Bungalow. The Campsite is another 20-minute walk away.

See Excursion to The Glenburn Campsite for evening/night options at The Glenburn Lodge.

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.