Afternoon Walk to Shikari Dura Village
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Duration : 2 hours
Difficulty : Gentle to moderate
The walking is mostly downhill, along a well-defined path. The last portion is slightly uphill

This hike is best done in the afternoon, when the Shikari Dura Village comes alive after the day's work in the field.

Set out from The Burra Bungalow, past the factory and some tea fields, before descending into the village. Stop to browse in the village shop and taste some of the locally made pickles and preserves. Watch a game of carom, or whatever else the villagers are doing for their evening entertainment. From hens and baby chicks to billy goats, cows and pigs and all their babies, there is plenty to see and play with. Interact with the villagers and the local children for as long as you like, and then walk back up to the bungalow, through yet more tea fields.

On they way up you will pass the Shikari Dura Government School, which is part of our Welfare Program. Our guests have contributed funds to increase the compound area and renovate the classrooms and we fund the salaries of extra teachers during school hours in addition to running a reading library for the village children after school hours.

If you do not fancy the walk back, which is entirely uphill, a vehicle can wait for you at the bottom of the village, and drive you back to the bungalow.

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.