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A typical day of fishing at Glenburn will include a hike, picnic and transport as per our usual package. However, there is a supplement of Rs 1000 per person to cover fishing equipment and Ghillie. The fishing season at Glenburn starts in early October and runs through until about March. If you are a keen fisherman, we would recommend that you carry your own equipment, especially flies, plugs and spinners. We do keep some basic tackle, but can't promise it will match your own.

Description of our River:
River Rangeet, Snow fed, Perennial, 60 feet wide, but narrows down to 40 feet in the months of February to April. Water cold, Crystal clear October to May, no vegetation on the banks. Rapids in places but also deep pools.

Type of fish:
Rainbow Trout upto 2.5lbs
Brown Trout upto 6.5 lbs
Golden Mahseer upto 25 to 30 lbs
Also Snow Trout, Goonch and Carp (Katli)

Best fishing is from October -May along a 4-6 km stretch of river, although Mahseer fishing is best in April, May and early June.

Trout can be caught on the wet and dry fly, but for Mahseer - wet fly and spinning tackle are required.

Gear (Spinning):

Rods : 7 to 9 ft spinning.
Reels : Any (Medium to Heavy Duty)
Line : Monofilament, 15 - 20 lbs test, transparent.
Lures etc : Mepps Spinners Nos.3,4 and 5. Rapala plugs, jointed plugs (9 - 14 cm, 4' - 7'diving depth)

Gear (Fly):
Any fly rod with floating / sinking line for wet and dry flies.

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.