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Central to your visit to Glenburn will be our versatile hosts, Bertie and Audrey, who are at Glenburn simply to pamper and spoil you. We hope you enjoy their company during your stay. Although they will join you at most meals, and accompany you on some of the walks and activities, do feel free to request time on your own as well. They will not take offence! From time to time, interns will also be working at Glenburn, and we hope you enjoy their company as well.

At some point during your stay you will also meet our Tea Estate Manager, Parveez Hussain who has spent over two decades in tea. He, of course, has expert knowledge on anything to do with tea, but please bear with us if he is unavailable at any time. He has a huge responsibility running the entire estate with its 1,000 workers! The Tea Tour will be conducted by Parveez, his assistant manager Raju, or our able guide, Ranjan, who also does an excellent job.

Another familiar face around the property is Sabin, who is a third-generation Glenburn resident and a general "Mr Fix-it", with in-depth knowledge of the region, the local communities, and the local birds, flora and fauna. His grandfather laid out the foundation of the gardens around the Burra Bungalow and his father Bhim, recently retired as our estate head clerk, now manages our accounts. Sabin's cousin Luna runs The Glenburn Shop.

The Glenburn staff are available round the clock, to help make your stay a comfortable one. You will meet most of them at some time during your stay with us:

Our very versatile Head of Staff - Muken

Our experienced drivers - Sujit, Ashik, Bhupen, Ranjan, Krishna, Rajesh, Rabindra, and Indrajit

Our smiling beras - Binod, Maniraj, Bhupen, Sonam, Amir, Swadhin, Ranjan, Sisir, Ashim, Rabin, Mandeep

Our talented cooks - Maitasing, Chandra, Pratap, Nagen, Swadesh, Divas and Peter

Our efficient housekeepers - Joshita, Poonam, Sashi, and Preeti

Our hard-working sweepers - Mahendra, Mahesh, Neetu and Jaya

Our green fingered gardeners - Maila, Dinesh, Budhiman, Ishant, Krishnamani

Our knowledgeable walking guides - Prakash, Neilima, Luna, Ranjan, Sishir, Mandeep, Ishant, Neetu

Our skilled masseuses and masseur - Yamuna, Bandana and Mahendra

Our watchful night chowkidars - Manikumar, Prakash and Prashan

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.