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For a larger group, with enough notice, we would be delighted to organize Yoga Instructors for a Yoga Retreat, Painting Workshops, Photography and Writers' Workshops. Do contact us if you would like to lead such a group and we can work together on this.

We would also be happy to organize family events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any religious events or functions.

We also organize special interest tours in Calcutta so the combination of a group tour to Calcutta followed by Glenburn can work really well. Calcutta is a city famous for its food, culture, art and history so there are many themes around which a tour can take place. The Durga Puja festival week is a fantastic cultural experience and we offer academic lectures on the History of the Calcutta and India, as well as the History of Tea - both of which form an excellent base for a special interest group tour. Just send in your ideas and we would be delighted to help you put something together for a group of friends, family or for your travel business.

For more information on our Calcutta Tours please click here

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.