River Rung Dung Hike
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Duration : Full day, total walking time 5-6 hours
Difficulty : Tough, with all walking being along the riverbed and over rocks, pebbles and sand. At certain points, the river has to be crossed, which requires knee-deep wading, and so your feet will get wet!

This hike can only be completed between mid-November and May, when the water level in the river is low enough to allow the hike. Guests are driven down to the head of the river at Section Number 10, and then picked up again in the evening from The Glenburn Campsite.

The river meanders along the northern boundary of the Estate, and the landscape varies from bamboo groves and tea fields, to thickly forested areas. You will find a huge variety of birds, butterflies and plant life along the way, as well as pug marks (if not sightings!) of animals which visit the river for a drink! Feel free to stop and catch some fish along the way, or for a paddle in one of the rock pools. Enjoy a picnic lunch along the way, and end up at The Glenburn Campsite by teatime.

Refreshments are served at the Glenburn-Badamtam Bridge, where guests have a choice of walking to The Glenburn Campsite for the evening/night or driving back up to The Burra Bungalow. The campsite is another 20-minute walk away, along a flat forest track, or another hour's walk along the river, eventually joining up with the River Rungeet, which leads to the campsite.

See Excursion to The Glenburn Campsite for evening/night options at The Glenburn Lodge.

Stunning scenery, old fashioned elegance and the opportunity to see the rituals of tea production
make Glenburn Tea Estate a compelling blend.